miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

With self-consumption we all win

The Alliance for Self-Consumption, which has been presented today in partnership, has published a manifesto - With self-consumption we all win - in which it reviews the benefits offered by this savings solution. We collects them all below:

  • Self-consumption is a central tool for the exercise of citizen's right to participate actively in the energy transition. If there are more people involved in the energy transition, greater will be their public acceptance and lower their cost;
  • Self-consumption is supportive of the environment by avoiding the use of polluting energy sources and emission of greenhouse gases, contributing to improvement of air quality;
  • Self-consumption is in solidarity with the country, reducing import of fossil fuels and energy dependence, balancing the trade balance and improving energy sovereignty;
  • Self-consumption is in solidarity with all consumers, by helping to reduce the price of electricity and the electricity bill for all consumers.
  • Self-consumer contributes to maintenance of the system like any other consumer, paying costs of the system for having the right to use it (full term and variable term depending on the energy used by the network);
  • Self-consumption generates competition and increases flexibility in electricity system, which can also lead to a reduction in final energy prices;
  • Self-consumption brings benefits to electricity system, by avoiding system losses that occur between electricity generating facility andpoint of consumption, and by avoiding development of new transport and distribution networks;
  • In the future, it will be essential to develop the active management of consumer demand to improve the functioning of the electricity system and promote energy efficiency. In this sense, self-consumption, including systems combined with storage, is a great ally to be a tool for consumer empowerment, facilitating the entry of new players to market, helping system to better adapt to consumption patterns and flattening the demand curve.
  • Self-consumption does not imply any additional cost for electrical system, since renewable technology installations are directly monetized by means of savings on electricity supply bill without need for any type of assistance;
  • Self-consumption, especially in its shared mode, can contribute to fight against energy poverty for vulnerable social groups;
  • Development of self-consumption has benefits for economy, because it involves to creation of direct, qualified and local employment, and contributes to strengthening competitiveness of companies;
  • Self-consumption contributes to technological development and innovation.

"For all these reasons," explains the Alliance, "we consider that renewable self-consumption is one of the most appropriate instruments to combat climate change, reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation and, at the same time, And energy management. "
Manifest in spanish “Con el autoconsumo ganamos todos

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